To post a new topic or reply to a topic, please log in or register for a free user account. LaiYanCherng Hello! I want to prepare for the CFA level 1 exam.

Is there any CFA and books or study material free?

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I just want to read the past notes to gain an understanding first before i register for the CFA Level 1 exam and to get the CFA text book. Please let me know where to get. Please donate the CFA Level 1 study material to me. Thanks advance. You should be able to get a general idea of what you're up againt without reading those notes.

Once you've decided to follow the program if you do you're better off with current notes. LaiYanCherng I had checked the link you posted. How about the rest of the Study Session? Where can I get other Study Session readings? Please help me. What you can find is the general overview of the curriculum. With this overview you should be able to get a general understanding of what the curriculum is about. Alternatively, think of the first study session and multiply it by 18 x 3, that way you'll get some idea of the material you will have to go through albeit the character of the text will be different depending on the subject, for instance in Quant it's more mathematical.

Or, you could purchase AnalystNotes' notes. That is also a way to gain some understanding of what you're up against. I had checked the link you posted.

You can't find it unless you buy it.Google Drive Link will be shared within working days.

Everything you need to know about CFA Program!

Note :. However, becoming a CFA charter holder is not for the faint-hearted nor the uninterested.

cfa level 1 google drive

The journey to becoming a CFA charter holder is long, and it tests not only your knowledge of the subject but also your endurance, diligence, and will. According to the CFA Institutethe current program is best described as a self-study, distance-learning program that takes a generalist approach to investment analysisvaluation and portfolio managementand emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards.

As a CFA candidate, you are required to pass each of these exams and you must meet certain work requirements as set out by the CFA Institute. You can easily register for the CFA exam through the website— www. Note- You should have a valid international passport to register for the CFA program. This is how you arm yourself for the exam.

There are 3 levels of the entire program and you can take the exam from anywhere in the world. To become a Charterholder of the CFA program, you must adhere to the following—. This exam focuses to test the basic knowledge of tools and concepts of investment valuation and portfolio management.

It includes questions, divided equally between 2 sessions with 3 hour time period for each session. The exam is held twice the year- June and December. To summarise—. Afternoon Session MCQs. If you choose download link, then a Google drive link will be shared with you via mail. You are required to download the video content including the software folder through the link.

CFA Level 1 Irfanullah Videos Part 1

The email accompanying the Google drive link comprehensively details the download process. Once the hard disk is received at SSEI Kolkata office, the videos relevant to your course are uploaded on the hard disk and shipped to you along-with books and software dongle.

If you choose HDD Hard Disk option, then we will purchase a fresh hard disk for you, upload all the video content that is ready relevant to your course and ship to your address along-with books and software dongle.

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Restrictions are primarily at 2 level:. Also, please note that we strongly discourage getting the player software installation done on office laptop for watching the classes. SSEI would not be held accountable for the same and accordingly no application for refund or partial refund of the amount paid would be tenable. Initially internet with good bandwidth 2 MBPS or more is required for about minutes for the software player installation. The installation process takes place remotely through Team Viewer, AnyDesk or any other remote desktop access software.

Once the player software installation is done, to play the videos, limited internet connectivity is required. But after that full video is offline. Minimum download speed required is 1MBPS. Further, unlimited internet is required. Accordingly, use of mobile hotspot for the download process is not recommended.

Description Google Drive Link will be shared within working days. What is CFA?

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System Requirement : Minimum Intel i3 64 bit Processor, 2. Highlight : Watch videos at 1. Suppose, you have 10 mins video, so you will get 15 mins in total.

Cfa level 1 books free download

Delivery of videos : In Parts Renewal Policy : In order it renew your classes for the first time you need to pay INR and your classes will be extended for the next term. With regards to views you will get 50 percent views or remaining views whichever is higher.

Please note if any additional books will be provided additional charges will be applicable.To post a new topic or reply to a topic, please log in or register for a free user account. CFA Discussion Topic: don't use schweser! Author Topic: don't use schweser!

It was very thorough but kind of thrown together.

cfa level 1 google drive

Videos were fairly well presented, but did not always follow the books. Schweser online was ok, but by the end I kind of doubted whether the answers they were giving were correct or not. I went to the Stalla seminar in April and although their seminar was not great Given by Bob Stalla himselftheir books and software were very very helpful. Full Disclosure: I passed pretty solidly and have not seen Schweser notes Brian chirag why do u say that?

Greg I used Schweser notes and took Schweser courses, and I failed. I felt the questions on the exam were much harder than those in the schweser prep materials. AIMR advised! The way the AMIR wrote questions, only one schweser note is never be enough. To drill inside the materials may be we have to go through the books Good luck all of those who are planning for the next round.

Chris I certainly agree with drcfa. Just wondering if there would be any people that will still use Schweser when there is a good study site here for free. I've spent hours comparing notes of the two but cannot really tell any big difference.

cfa level 1 google drive

Level2Guy At the beginning of this year I checked out Schweser from a friend and I feel that they are too condensed. Moreovers cfacenter's notes are better written.

cfa level 1 google drive

Their online package is a complete garbage. We have enough to worry about Let them go to hell There are more than enough good study notes providers Who cares about Schweser Enough is enough with this HPzz I have a friend who attended Schweser's cfa course last yr. He told me that more than half of his classmates fell the exam. I passed LI with textbooks and Schweser notes along with cfacenter practice exams.The CFA credential has become the most respected and recognised designation in the world.

Its demand is growing day by day and students in large number have started aspiring to become a CFA. But to become a CFA is not an easy task, though it is achievable. Only thing that can help you out to crack CFA examination is your hard work. To pass CFA Level 1 exams are not less than a battle field. In order to get success in this battle field you will have to train yourself like a warrior and this can only be happen when you can manage your time efficiently.

Success is in the hardwork and managing your time efficiently. The level 1 examination consists of two one hour examinations that includes multiple choice questions based on the Level 1 Learning Outcomes Statements as required by the CFA Institute. Each multiple choice question contains 3 choices, one of which is correct. The CFA Institute offers the level 1 exam twice a year at their test centers located around the globe.

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The exams are generally held in June and December and both examinations are taken on the same day. The CFA Institute recommends that students wanting to take the exam spend at least hours preparing for each level.

Guidance Of Standards. Technical Analysis. Probability Concepts. Hypothesis Testing. We will update you as soon as possible. So keep in touch with this article. All the best!!Mark Meldrum, Ph. Meldrum has taught at several higher education institutions in both Canada and the U. Meldrum has been trained in pedagogy and assessment, skills not taught in the CFA Program but are critical to have in a Professor.

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Meldrum teaches the content at each Level the same way he would teach it in a University course. Meldrum, unlike many academically untrained instructors, does not simply tell you what he knows. He tells you HOW to know what he knows. He does not simply repeat the content from PowerPoints, he explains why something is the way it is.

He does not just prepare you for an exam, he prepares you to be successful in your career. Professor office hours offer a critical point of contact between students and the professor in any higher education course. These open drop-in times allow students to ask questions and get deeper explanations than would otherwise be efficient in a lecture setting.

Meldrum extends the benefit of office hours to his online CFA candidate subscribers. Office Hours are held on a regular posted schedule throughout the exam season through a live Vimeo feed in which candidates can interact directly with Dr. Specific readings are associated with each office hours session at each level. Running from early September to late April, Dr. During these sessions, any question related to the readings for that session can be asked.

Various times are offered per session to cater to a global audience. Space in the Office Hours premium add-on is limited due to the live interaction required. Additional or extended hours may be added depending on demand. After each exam, active access to your subscribed content for the exam year ends. At this time, we move select content into an archive for you. The video for each reading will be archived. So, if your subscribed Level had 48 readings for example, you will have 48 videos archived, one for each reading.

These are basically the same videos that we offered download access to during the regular subscription period. Level II and Level III both contain call-backs to previous topics on top of content that you are just expected to know. Having the ability to go back and review a particular reading or an LOS within a reading, all in one place, makes the job of getting through the Program much more convenient.

Show More. Once you become a full charterholderyou can opt to upgrade your archive annually to the just completed content if you have a full archive set with us Level I, II and II.

In you receive your charter. Each year the content has changes. Reviewing those changes satisfies some of your CE requirements. Inyou can elect to have your archives all upgraded to the content for a fee the just completed year, not the current year. Show less. Skip to toolbar Log In.Valid Till: This discount is valid for the first students.

One video can be watched 3 times. For eg - one lecture is of 60 minutes. So time will also keep reducing and you can watch the lectures until the time is reduced to 0 minutes. Description Course Contents How to Use. Pre-book to avail the discounted price.

What you will get? If your system has any other processor then it should be 2. Updated Card Driver should be there in the system. Serial key- It will be provided within 7 working days. How many times the videos can be watched?

The videos can be watched 3 times fully. When will the video course expire? This video course will expire on your exam date. You are only allowed to watch the videos till the time they are valid. Please do NOT try to record the lectures by any other means. Gift for all EDU91 students openmydemat. Laptop Course Google Drive. Load More Reviews. Other Courses. About us Blogs All courses Privacy Policy. Sign Up Name. PIN Code. I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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CFA level 1 best study material and tips

Item Details Price. You may also be interested in. Note: Promo Codes can be applied on checkout page.CFA Institute has announced that they will be postponing the June exam and working with registered candidates to move them to later sittings.

I am not sure I will remember anything in December. You might even feel like a rug was pulled out from under your feet. But the best thing you can do is stay positive. In the coming weeks, Kaplan Schweser will be providing videos and articles with tips and advice about how to restructure your study now that you have more than 6 more months to study, so stay tuned! Sign up now and get a practice question for your exam level directly in your inbox each day. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.

Please enable JavaScript before continuing. More thancandidates registered for all levels of the June exam, and CFA Institute is trying to get everything in place so they can offer all candidates a different exam date.

You should visit this CFA Institute web page regularly for more updates and information because the situation is fluid and delivering the exam after postponement is a major logistics initiative.

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If you signed up for Kaplan Schweser June exam packages: All online materials will be available to you until your new exam date. We are in the process of contacting all students and customers with additional information.

The in-person portions of our packages will be moved online. We are in the process of rescheduling our Review Workshops and Mock Exams to support you through the exam postponements. We will notify you about these changes once they are all set up.

Ready to Begin Studying? Shop CFA. Be a Guest Writer Have your voice heard as a published guest writer in our blog. Learn More.

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