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One of the common hassles with incubation is maintaining the humidity inside the incubator. These hassles include the need to frequently fill the water reservoirs or not being able to maintain the desired humidity. We are proud to introduce the HumidiKit automatic humidity system for egg incubators.

This system is designed to instantly deliver accurate humidity to most incubators. The digital hygrostat that measures and controls the humidity is fully adjustable so you can achieve the humidity range that is right for your eggs. The humidifier is designed to gently provide instant humidity and fresh air directly inside the incubator for an accurate humidity range.

The humidifier also comes with a one liter bottle which typically needs to be filled once a week for most desktop incubators. To extend the life of the humidifier we recommend using distilled water.

This unit comes ready to install into your incubator; simply place the probes from the hygrostat inside the incubator, insert the hose into a vent hole, fill the water bottle, and connect to power.

The HumidiKit is also covered be the IncubatorWarehouse.

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Product Instructions:. For the HumidiKit all you will have to do is set the desired humidity level and it will maintain that level for you with only minor variances.

We have tested the HumidiKit in cabinet size models that are approximatley the size of a GQF cabinet incubator and it works great. It would most likely work in a cabinet No, the HumidiKit will not work with the Brisea model incubators due to fitment issues. It does not, the HumidiKit will only provide controlled humidity for your inubator. If the unit runs low on water it will simply stop running. The best way to lower humidity in an incubator is to open the vent cap s and wait around an hour to see if the humidity stabilizes where you want it.

If that does not lower it enough you can remove some of the water from your water troughs in the base The power switch on the back of the humidifier typically has the dash as 'on' dash down and the circle as 'off' circle down. However, we have received and sent out a few units with the switch attached backward. This does not affect the unit functions We do not sell individual parts for the HumidiKit on our website.

If you do have any issues with your unit the customer service representative will work with you to find the best solution to fix the issue. You can contact with customer service through We do not recommend a bottle larger than one liter because it can cause a couple issues.

One being that it can harm the ultrasonic disc. Another issue is the oversize water bottle cannot support itself and cause spillage.

This water on the outside of We do not have a video for the HumidiKit controller yet. We do have a simple, quick, video showing this installment process. The link will be included below. We will have a video for the controller in the future. Please make sure to check the product page for shipping delays Click Here for the Latest Backorder Updates.

egg incubator with humidity control

In stock.Poultry keeping has become so popular among livestock farmers. People rear poultry for meat, eggs, and others keep them as pets.

egg incubator with humidity control

Whichever the case, the need for chicks will never be compromised. Egg incubators are the accessories you need as a poultry farmer. These are products that will help you hatch a large number of eggs into chicks maintain the hatching rate at a higher bar. In case you are therefore into poultry rearing, the need for an egg incubator is high.

egg incubator with humidity control

One thing that you might be overwhelmed with is the high number of egg incubators in the market. Since the demand for these products is very high, different brands have gone ahead to make these accessories. It, therefore, becomes hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit product. To help you get the best egg incubator, we made the list below for you. Make sure to read from top to bottom after which you will make the most informed buying decision. Get It on Amazon One of the features that this product prides itself on is the fact that it has an automatic egg turning functionality.

This egg incubator also comes with a high-temperature alarm which helps to protect the eggs in case the humidity or temperature gets too high. With the help of the LED display, it will be possible to read out the humidity, temperature as well as the days remaining to incubation. With this incubator, it will perfectly accommodate up to 18 eggs and the amazing thing is that it accommodates all egg types.

Get It on Amazon With this egg incubator, the eggs are automatically turned after every 2 hours not forgetting that it comes with an adjustable hatching warmth feature. You will appreciate the fact that it actually simulates the original ecology for better hatching. In order to maintain a healthy embryo, the incubator comes with an in-built temperature control function to guarantee the best temperature. This is the reason why this product remains very easy to clean and also accommodates different egg sizes.

Get It on Amazon This is a brand new and a good quality unit that you can use to incubate eggs. The unit is completely automatic and has the capacity to accommodate up to 12 eggs.

It is also equipped with an automatic egg turner that will eliminate manual handling of eggs. For this reason, you expect a higher hatch rate from this egg incubator. Another thing that you will like about this egg incubator is that it is small and compact in size so it does not take too much space.

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Additionally, it will be possible to regulate the temperature to make sure that the hatch rate is improved. The fact that it can handle different egg types is an added advantage. Get It on Amazon This egg incubator has been made with a durable and hard plastic shell that will basically protect the incubator.

Another great aspect of this product is that it has an automatic egg turning function that will help to eliminate any manual handling in order to improve the hatch rate. This product also features an integrated fan that is going to pull in and also circulate some fresh air in order to stabilize the temperature.

How to maintain the perfect humidity levels in an incubator for chicken eggs

Additionally, it has been made with a large picture window in order to give a good view of the incubator. Get It on Amazon This egg incubator comes in plastic and metal models where you get to choose whatever suits you best.

You will also appreciate that it is automatic digital and also features an auto-turning egg feature. The convenience that you get from this egg incubator is that it accommodates 20 chicken eggs, 10 goose size eggs, and 52 quail eggs. It comes with a universal tray that can be adjusted depending on the egg size.

Another feature that you will appreciate about this egg incubator is that it features a temperature and humidity control. It is for this reason why it has a high hatch rate of up to 90 percent.

Additionally, it has a weight of ten pounds and has a convenient size which makes it efficient to use. Due to its quality construction, you will appreciate that this egg incubator remains very easy to clean. Get It on Amazon This product prides itself on excellent visibility now that it comes with transparent glass. It will also be very easy to operate this product now that it comes with completely digital controls that are menu-driven.If you are a farmer who is proud of the chicken that you got from hatching, you know something about the humidity levels in incubators.

Patience and care are the most important parts of maintaining the right humidity level in an incubator for chicken eggs. At the same time, you must know how to do the right things at the exact time. Here are the answers that might change the way you hatch eggs. When it comes to the ideal temperature for hatching chicken eggs, we must say that the official recommendation is between Keeping the temperature at this level will increase the chances for the chicken to develop during the hatching process.

When it comes to humidity, the situation depends on many circumstances. Humidity is crucially important for the development of the eggs and that is why many farmers undertake serious actions to maintain the right humidity levels.

Humidity should increase in the last three days of hatching.

egg incubator with humidity control

This is an ideal level for the overall development of the egg in the last days of hatching. If you want to increase humidity, you can apply different techniques. One of the most popular techniques for increasing humidity levels is keeping the hot water inside the incubators.

Hot water will produce hot air and the humidity will be instantly increased. In this manner, you can see how humidity plays an important role in egg development. Your future chickens will get the necessary moisture during the most important three days of their egg life.

With the right temperature and the proper humidity levels, you can expect the chicken to be well developed and healthy when they come to the world. The best way to control humidity in an incubator is by using a hygrometer. As part of the tools you will need in hatching, a hygrometer is crucial if you want to maintain the right levels of humidity.

Before measuring humidity, you should prepare the incubator for the right measurement. It is not advisable to check the humidity levels right after the installation of the incubator. Instead, you should take the necessary steps to get a stable temperature and moisture level. If you have a forced-air incubator, set the temperature at degrees Fahrenheit and see how the temperature stabilizes in the next few minutes.

In case you have a still air incubator, the initial temperature should be degrees Fahrenheit.

Full Automatic Temperature and Humidity Incubator

This is only the initial temperature, and you must take a few minutes before measuring the humidity levels in an incubator. Take your hygrometer and measure the humidity in different periods.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Please make sure to check the product page for shipping delays. Click Here for the Latest Backorder Updates. When evaluating the cost of an egg incubator, it is important to consider the accessories you plan to buy. There are many egg incubator accessories that can improve the incubation process.

Believe it or not an egg must be turned at least times per day to prevent the embryo from sticking to the side of the shell. Automatic egg turners work by rocking or rolling the eggs to keep the embryo from sticking to the shell. A very slow RPM motor is used to automate the egg turner. We believe that the best egg candler for the money is the IncuBright Egg Candler. See pictures and instructions for using an Egg Candler.

Finding the right thermostat can be very difficult. The most accurate and consistent type of incubator thermostat is the Proportional Incubator Thermostat because it keeps a more constant temperature by turning the power to the heater up or down instead of turning it on and off. Please make sure to check the product page for shipping delays Click Here for the Latest Backorder Updates. Home Incubator Accessories Humidity Control. Humidity Control. View as Grid List.

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10 Best Egg Incubator 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Go to Wish List.An incubator is used to hatch eggs artificially. This egg hatching method replaces the brooding hen as it imitates the conditions necessary for producing chicks from fertilized eggs. You would need the best egg incubator to provide high-quality chicks from chicken, goose, duck, and other eggs. But, how do you know you are getting the right incubator for your chicken or bird rearing project? There are many options available from which to choose.

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Reliable egg incubator reviews will help you narrow down your choices. With such product reviews, you will get the full scoop on the different types of incubators, their features, and recommendations on the right ones to buy.

It answers the burning questions you may have about egg incubators and how they work. Hatching your chicken eggs or eggs of other fowl is much more comfortable with the No. Not only does this incubator offer accurate humidity and temperature readings, but it also provides reliable and up to date information with its onboard computer. Every second, the incubator shows what is happening with the hatching environment.

The No. It also provides a viewer through which you can see the progress of your eggs. It comes with three turning racks that are operated automatically, and a hatching tray located at the bottom. This incubator is a good investment for persons who wish to hatch their own eggs. It can incubate and hatch up to three sets of eggs at the same time. Of course, the oldest eggs would hatch first. This egg incubator is a fully automatic and is quite easy to use.

Not only will you achieve success in hatching duck, chicken, and goose eggs, but also your kids can learn from this simple incubator. The Magicfly Digital Mini incubator is designed to be reliable and fun to use by the entire family. It is ideal for anyone who wants to incubate and hatch her eggs. The Magicfly incubator is molded and solid, so it makes temperature and humidity control more effective for egg incubation.

The built-in electronic controls allow for the Magicfly Digital Mini incubator to function automatically. That is, this incubator electronically controls egg rotation, humidity, and temperature. With its LED monitors, you can also see the incubation data in real time. With this high capacity incubator, you can incubate and hatch up to 41 eggs. A convenient feature is the automatic egg turner that is also simple to use.

Two easy to fill water channels help in providing humidity during incubation. Also, the Farm Innovators Model incubator automatically turns the eggs fully every four hours.

This feature eliminates the need for you to handle the eggs during incubation.Humidity in Incubator is the most important thing to maintain correctly together with the temperature. Poor incubator humidity results in damaged eggs or interrupted hatching. Embryos fail to develop or even die when the humidity in the incubator is not right.

The eggs can hatch but the chicks would have deformities and can eventually die. With this article, we will discuss what humidity, what is its role in incubating eggs, and how you should maintain the right humidity level for your eggs.

Generally, humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. Humidity plays a major role in animal and plants survival. When incubating eggs, humidity control prevents excess loss of egg moisture.

Humidity is the most difficult of the controlled variables in egg hatching and therefore is commonly misunderstood. Experts in the poultry industry still debate on the specific humidity level required for hatching eggs. We have what we call a lockdown period which is the last three days prior to hatching.

The increase in humidity helps the chick to avoid getting stuck to its membrane which is just inside the eggshell when they break out and hatch. There are two ways to measure the humidity level and you need to understand the difference between the two. First is the Relative Humidity RH expressed as a percentage. This simply means that in incubation temperature, the air inside the incubator has half of its likely water vapor volume.

Percentage RH level decreases when temperature increases but no additional water was provided. The next way to measure humidity is using wet bulb temperature. The difference between wet bulb temperature and air temperature is important. There are a few factors why humidity is too high in an incubator. First is the surrounding environment. The humidity in the area where your incubator is located directly affects the incubator. You can always check the humidity of the environment using psychrometer or hygrometer.

There are also apps that you can use to track humidity per hour.

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Second is a human error where the operator failed to provide the right humidity level. Egg shells are naturally porous just like as our skin has pores. The water passes through those pores so all eggs eventually dry out as it releases water from the inside. The humidity level determines the amount of water loss in the egg. So if the humidity is too high, the eggs dry out slower than with low humidity level.

Eggs have airspace at its round end where we usually crack it when we peel it.If you buy an item via links on this page, we may earn a commission. Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. Raising chickens on your property is a great investment, but choosing the right chicken incubator can muddy the waters before you even begin. With various companies offering a wide variety of sizes, models, and prices, the best option might be a little more difficult to discern right away.

In order to help you make the best decision for your chicken raising future, I did some research on the chicken incubators with the best quality. This model allows you to hatch a decent number of eggs at once.

Although it has a manual turn, its size and shape will make it easy. Before you even look at incubator brands, you should determine how many eggs you would like to hatch at once.

Incubators come in many different sizes and shapes. Starting with only a few eggs and running all the way up to a few thousand. What is the size of your coop or yard where the future chicks will be living?

How to Maintain Right Humidity in Incubator

Be certain you will have enough room for however many eggs you could potentially hatch. Something to remember is that no matter how many eggs you place in the incubator, it is likely that you will not hatch quite that many. Another important planning point is to determine where you are storing the incubator during the incubation period.

Be sure that you are choosing an incubator that will fit in that space. Additionally, make sure you are choosing an incubator that will be easy to clean regularly in that space. Something to keep in mind is that some incubators do not have automatic turners for the eggs.

If your incubator does not, be certain you will be able to get to the eggs to turn them on schedule. You should decide how you would like to handle and measure your humidity and temperature.

Almost ready to roll.

Some incubators have an automatic humidity pump. While others leave you to your own devices sponges, pots, or channels. Not all incubators come with a thermometer, so if you would rather not buy one separately, pay close attention when purchasing your incubator.

You will obviously want to choose based on cost. The incubators with more bells and whistles come at a higher price. But they might save you some time. On the other hand, some people prefer to do things by hand so that they can remain more involved in the process or they just want their wallets to stay a little less empty.

Choose what you think is best for your circumstances and commitment level. Hot air runs through the exhaust vents and fresh air circulates in. The air ventilation will also be beneficial in drying the chicks after they hatch.

The egg turner is sold separately, but a thermostat is included. Features : Two small windows for top viewing, sturdy sidewalls with rounded corners to promote better airflow.

Specifications : Dimensions — 5. The Brinsea Products tiny model holds just seven eggs, but its bells and whistles seem to make up for its diminutive size quite well. A rotating disc sits on an automatic turner and its autostop function kicks in two days before hatching, which improves embryo health.

With a microcontroller taking care of every single incubator function, and programmable functions like a thermometer alarm, thermometer, days left until hatching, and an automatic turning status that are displayed on a digital screen, this egg incubator does all the hard work for you. The airflow is assisted by a fan and the central water reservoir maintains the right humidity levels.

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