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Bart Bellon

Plenty that make cool videos; none that post very high scores. In reality it only seems capable of success in the Youtubeaverse. Remove Advertisements. The more seminars you go to the less you learn at each. Of course back when the economy was better I didn't mind going to a seminar to just learn a thing or two. Originally Posted by Timothy Saunders.

This method is different because the dog. I'll use positions for example. Also if u see dogs trained in this method they don't look for the ecollar safe spot. They go through a series of behaviors looking for the right one.

I'm waiting for the New Poo Poo seminar.

Behavior Adjustment Training (B.A.T.)

The same crappy training repackaged and renamed. Originally Posted by Thomas Barriano. Raise my hand. Originally Posted by Connie Sutherland. Different than what?

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I saw this type of training for the first time in the late 80's. And still do some of it. Originally Posted by David Frost. I think I need more of an explanation of how the new method is different when it comes to: " the dog. Using an example of yours about the throw chain, perhaps it's the wrong "tool" for teaching that specific behavior. Dogs go through series of behaviors looking for the correct one when they are confused.

If that were the case, regardless of the type of training someone might be doing, they are doing it improperly or the dog wouldn't be confused. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules.From pet owners, hobby breeders and professional trainers, the crowd came together all in the spirit of learning.

With this method, the dog harnesses reward through his own seeking behaviors. The result is a dog who gives his heart and soul and an owner who is engaged and fulfilled. The international group gathered at on a Saturday morning, notebooks in hand, to explore the complex world of dog training and take advantage of this rare opportunity.

The scent detection, personal protection and grip development segments appealed to the military attendees. Army and owner of a German shepherd. Patrick guided each topic with seamless demonstration and clarity with his personal dogs.

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Subscribe the Haus Amberg Shepherds mailing list to receive future updates and stay current on events. View Larger Image. NePoPo and Bart Bellon. About the Author: Alishia. Alishia co-owns Haus Amberg Shepherds with her husband, Patrick. Having lived and worked with shepherds in Germany for years, she has collected a pool of knowledge that she would like to share with fellow German shepherd enthusiasts.When purchasing any product from Leerburg Enterprises, Inc.

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In The Home. Puppy Supplies. Whelping Equipment Artificial Insemination Equipment. Obedience Training. Protection Sports. Police K9. All-Natural Dog Food. Dog Sports. In-Person Training. Don't have an account? Sign up and get access to the features listed above and more! Aggression Corrections Management. Dog Sports Leerburg Classics.Behavior Adjustment Training B. Although it has a short history, this therapy technique has already spread throughout the world and many dog owners and their dogs have benefited from it.

Just like desensitizing and counter conditioningbehavior adjustment training B. In addition to these, the concept of behavior adjustment training B. Similar to the desensitizing and counter-conditioning process, behavior adjustment training B. As mentioned above, there are a few reward options used in the behavior adjustment training B.

Functional rewards are the type of rewards that we give to our dog or that the dog gets as a result of a certain actionthat are directly related to a certain situation, scenario or environment. For example. The scenario is simple, locate the triggers and locate what the functional reward is for that particular dog behavior. For example, in most dog aggressive related behaviors the functional reward would be in creating an impact on the environment in a way that the stimulus whatever the dog displays the aggression towards moves, or leaves.

Seeing the trigger leaving is the functional reward that comes after the aggressive behavior. Now once you know the triggers, you can figure out what is the functional reward that the dog is seeking in that particular situation. For example, an aggressive dog is looking for the removal of the trigger another dog or person. To better understand why this process works I will need to explain the formula of the process which is:.

As mentioned on the corrections in dog training pagenegative reinforcement is not necessarily bad or evil.

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It is a part of the operant conditioning quadrants and all animals have some exposure to it more or less on a daily base. In this case, the stress and pressure that the dog is exposed to when facing another dog at a low arousal level this is the negative reinforcementthe dog learns to shut off by offering some behavior like explained above and based on that he earns the freedom to leave the situation the first positive reinforcement and then we offer a treat the second positive reinforcement.

Your dog will learn that by offering new alternative behaviors like looking away, sniffing, etc. This is a relatively fast behavior rehabilitation process simply because it is based upon the foundations of nature itself; dogs quickly learn how to get rid of the unwanted scenario in order to access the reward. Your job is just to control all the aspects of the exercise.

Now that you know how behavior adjustment training B. However, this is easier said than done. Also remember that it is best to seek the help of a professional dog trainer when embarking on a new training or therapy approach with your dog. If this happen just take a few steps back remember that leaving the scene is the functional reward for your dog so you just want to back away, as many steps as necessary, to gain control over your dog turn your dog toward the trigger, wait for the moment your dog offers an alternative behavior, mark it and then leave the scene give your dog the functional reward.

As time progresses, you may stop using the secondary reward food treat, etc and focus just on the functional reward. One of the differences in the scenarios between desensitizing and counter conditioning and behavior adjustment training B.

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For example, in the B. Just like any other exercise, the success of the behavior adjustment training B. Always keep in mind that your dog will react to your energy and your body language, so keep yourself relaxed and calm. The article above is my review of, and references, the original Behavior Adjustment Training technique and is not based on B.

For more information about the changes to the technique, please visit Grisha's website B. This website is intended for informational purposes only and does not replace personally consulting an animal health or training expert.

nepopo explained

Functional rewards Functional rewards are the type of rewards that we give to our dog or that the dog gets as a result of a certain actionthat are directly related to a certain situation, scenario or environment.

At that moment mark that behaviour then turn around and leave functional reward. Using Behavior Adjustment Training B. Things to keep in mind Just like any other exercise, the success of the behavior adjustment training B.Is this really new and revolutionary??

I have trouble delivering a reward fast enough and I am fast. My experience with electric collars is that they are useful in correcting some things but not others and the use of an electric collar can create problems just as easily as correcting them. I have never heard of this supposed guru of dog training and now he claims to be father of modern dog training.

Sounds like another "Dog Whisperer" that is selling "sham wows" to me. Links below and his claim to fame. Bart gives seminars and workshops around the world. I'm not saying I agree with the thing at all or am going to rush out and buy one, but if you've never heard of Bart Bellon you've been under a rock for a little while.

Bart Simpson is in trouble has invented and patented flyball without a ball. If this guy is the grandfather of modern dog training then I like staying under my rock. It seems to me that what he claims he has done falls very short of reality and his methods are all borrowed from others which is what all dog trainers do and have always done.

These gurus come and go. I don't see anything new or revolutionary in his methods. It seems to me it is mastery of the methods and understanding of the dogs and what method they need is what makes a great trainer. On top of that mastery of the method you need a great trainer who is a great teacher and that is much more difficult. Winning a couple of National Championships in Belgian Ring does not make him a good teacher however and it does not mean that his methods are sound for all dogs or disciplines.

I am going back under my rock until spring but for those who don't know better NePoPo is nothing new and Bart is not the father, grandfather, uncle or aunt of modern dog training. But let's face itthere's really nothing 'new' in dog training; everything that's touted as such is just repackaged, tarted up with a few catchy buzz-words, and then tied in with 'revolutionary' training tools allegedly invented by the latest huckster of the genre.

I had the honor of going to Bart belon's facility about 15 years ago and his training ''wowed'' me. I was not a novice back then. A wise man learns from everybody. My personal problem with these "seminar" guys is different. Interesting point, Susie.The following letter was sent to me from Kaat pictured above with her dogs, including Blooper after we exchanged e-mails discussing dog training with positive reinforcement.

The main focus of our discussions were some of the petitions to ban e-collars and a video clip I have on YouTube that demonstrates using a remote training collar to work with a dog that is having aggression issues.

In fact, it is my opinion that every single word be read by all dog owners and trainers as well.

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Kaat is very matter of fact about the current state of affairs in much of the dog training industry. Too many trainers are selling dog owners short on what can be achieved. The idea of dog training with positive reinforcement ONLY is being touted as the be all, end all and too manydogs that can be saved are being given up, destroyed or owners and their dogs are forced to live less than full lives.

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All because they have only been supplied with half the story. That is just why I love that video. Healing fear and blind panic is the most difficult and thus greatest training achievement of all. It is the highest drive a dog can get in. All my dogs come from an animal shelter. Blooper was badly abused by his previous owner and had severe kennel syndrome.

He wanted to attack everything. And I do mean everything! But it was sad… because walking for him was a trip to Hell. The stress he was in continuously was beyond describing. Furthermore because he also hated dogs every walk could be his last. I kept him on leach but some dog owners feel the bizarre need to let their disobedient dogs run free. An encounter with Blooper could force the other dog into defense. Serious injury could be the consequence.

I went to 3 dog schools, 5 personal trainers… And all of them were so brainwashed by the new positive operant training, they all told the same story of which I knew it did not and will not work. Thanks to Karen Pryor and her observations on Dolphins you know the animals that never get out of their aquarium which contains no diversions at all!!!!! I could impose leadership with cookies all I wanted. Blooper did fine and obeyed me as long as he was not in a panic-state of mind.

It seems logical now. Polite employees let their boss go trough the door first, unless the building is on fire! When Blooper attacked a young Malinois pup who approached him I came to the end of my rope. Because dog-aggression is like throwing a stone into water. It traumatizes other dogs and can thus leads to aggression in the other dog, who then makes other victims and so on. It had to stop! Two years of positive operant training was two years lost of an already short live.

Two years of daily risks to be injured for my dog, for a human, for other dogs… It had to stop NOW! So I Googled once more for another personal trainer… And this time I absolutely wanted someone who could get results, not just beautiful theories.Those who set resolutions and keep them are ones who not only decided on a goal but also made the concrete choices in accomplishing their goal. They set out action steps to accomplish the goal with timelines and accountability, eliminated opportunities to not strive toward the goal, and relished in the moments of their success.

The same is true with dog training. If we want to have a more rewarding life with our dogs and be able to take our dogs to more fun places, we have to identify the goal as a lifestyle change. To do that one needs to personalize the passion behind their goal and eliminate things that may defer the goal. For example, time with family may prevent people from following their goal of training the dog to a certain level of dog obedience or sport accomplishment.

But if they are able to involve their family even in little waysit would accomplish both; quality time with family and training the dog. In it, Coyle investigates why there are certain geographical areas of hot bed talent. For deep practice to occur, one looks at the overall skill to be learned, breaks it down into chunks of learning to be memorized separately and later put back together while practicing the skill slowly so that errors can be detected and corrected.

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In the end, the skill is fluid and looks flawless. Robbins states, consider Astronauts who have been to the moon. And, what about former U. Presidents including President Barack Obama who will complete his eight year term this month?

nepopo explained

Whether you support his politics or not, what is next for him now that he has completed the ultimate goal in politics? Those who relish the moments during their journeys live a rich life with their dogs, relationships and for themselves. We will be happy to help you and your dog. I believe this to be true and probably even more so with dogs.

When I was a young child, I would often play hide and seek games with my dog. However, as soon as I moved even on the darkest of nights, he found me instantly. Dogs are very much visual learners. They look to us to see where a reward is coming from or even if we have a reward with us in the first place. Reward placement is very important to dog trainers.

For example, in teaching a dog to heel the trainer will commonly hold a ball or food treat near their shoulder closest to the dog to entice the dog to look up at them while heeling. Later, they will place the reward under their arm pit to try to hide it from the dog until they later deliver it to the dog as a reward for desired behavior. This is called Luring via a Direct Reward where the dog learns to follow the reward in hopes of obtaining it.

And, if the dog remains close to the location where the reward is commonly given, the dog will be able to more quickly obtain the reward. The dog must perform the desired behavior in order to be released to the ball or treat that is at a secondary location. Food is a fantastic way to train a dog as it is a prime motivator for the dog, especially when they are hungry. Luring with a treat is a quick way to teach a dog a behavior. The downside is that often times the dog will not perform desired behaviors if the lured reward is not in sight.

Why should they since the restaurant is closed? If the reward has always been in sight but now is not, they will commonly entertain themselves with other activities that are more rewarding such as sniffing the ground.

The answer is to limit visual cues from the beginning of training. If you use Luring, fine but get away from it as quickly as possible. Or use Shaping in which you reward successive approximations of desired behavior. Shaping takes longer but it makes for a more active thinking dog instead of always waiting on the handler to tell the dog what to do. In either case, Luring or Shaping; limit the visual cues that you give your dog. For example, if rewarding with a treat, leave the treat in the pocket out of sight until the dog does the desired behavior.

nepopo explained

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